Altree is creating a new legacy in real estate development

Founded by Zev Mandelbaum, Altree stems from a long lineage of multi-generational expertise in bringing to fruition landmark projects and iconic communities throughout Toronto and the GTA. Zev is one of the visionary co-founders behind Marlin Spring, and a third-generation developer with deep roots in the industry that date back to the 1950s through H&R and Lanterra Developments.

Altree is committed to challenging the status quo and breaking new ground in creating inspirational residential, commercial, and retail projects with a compelling offering that creates significant value for customers, investors, and community stakeholders.

As a full-service development company, Altree provides unmatched insight, expertise, and service throughout the full spectrum of development – from strategic acquisition to planning, construction, sales and marketing, finance structuring, tax and legal processes.  By consistently going above and beyond expectations and identifying opportunities to enhance neighbourhoods and connect communities, Altree is unparalleled in the creation of iconic projects that branch out from the ordinary.



Altree is more than a real estate development company. We respect the fabric of each location in which we build by seamlessly integrating our projects into the neighbourhood culture and aesthetic, while creating opportunities to enhance the community. Dedicated to consistently giving back, we build homes, commercial spaces, and hospitality venues for people to live, dream, and thrive. We bring passion and commitment to every project, and rise to each challenge with enthusiasm, drive, and the vision to enrich the lives of those who live and work in the neighbourhoods in which we operate.